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Bonbon Fork Display


Our newest addition to the Bedazzle My Bonbons product line, the bonbon fork display holds 25 bonbons and will add a little extra style, sophistication & a modern twist to displaying our twinkling treats! Made of high quality acrylic, the bonbon fork display COMES WITH 25 MINIATURE FORKS and is yet another clever way to showcase these bedazzling beauties! The Bedazzle My Bonbons Fork Display…both a delectable dessert AND dazzling decor!



Bedazzle My Cupcake Kit
(Decor for your cupcake)!


We at Bedazzle My Bonbons have custom matched each colored bonbon to a RE-USEABLE, greaseproof and completely GLITTERED cupcake sleeve! You simply purchase the sleeve/bonbon combo and then add your own standard size cupcake! These sleeves are solely for decoration, and the glitter coating has been permanently adhered to the sleeve (leaving no mess) while allowing the sleeves to be food safe AND re-useable for multiple events! No more boring, same old cupcakes...these are BEDAZZLED!



The Bonbon Pyramid


Our new Bonbon Pyramid will fill both a functional and decorative need to your events while enhancing the bonbons at the same time! This brilliant creation is made from a high gloss, black plastic resin that folds flat and then pops up into a 3 dimensional pyramid to prominently display the bonbons on all four sides! The bonbon pyramid creates a unique and elegant centerpiece for any dessert table or candy station and the bonbons can be placed in numerous different color configurations to create and endless amount of BEDAZZLING CREATIONS!



The Bonbon Babes


Beautiful and glamorous, the bonbon babes enhance any atmosphere, and will undeniably ignite your party!  Mingling with guests, the bonbon babes become a focal point, adding poise and glamour to any party, all while offering your guests the delicious treats from the Bedazzle My Bonbons product line.  Our models can bedazzle any size party or event, and are now available for hire in ALL MAJOR CITIES ACROSS NORTH AMERICA!  For additional information, pricing and costume options for the bonbon babes, please call us directly at (321)327-5550.