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We at Bedazzle My Bonbons know how essential color is to any event, and with such a wide array of sparkling shades, our bonbons are a brilliant way to incorporate that splash of color & sparkle into your special occasion! Weather you are ordering bulk bonbons or our favor boxed twinkling treats, you may chose any color combination from the fabulous 36 colors available in the color chart below. In addition, Bedazzle My Bonbons are now available in 8 DECADENT flavors. (Scroll down to see our flavor choices or click here)


Mouse Over the New Color Chart to Zoom

Mouse Over the New Color Chart to Zoom

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Bedazzle My Bonbons are now available in thirty-six FABULOUS colors and eight DECADENT flavors!
(Mix and Match flavors and colors at no extra cost)






ORIGINAL: Our very own custom blend of milk and dark chocolate ganache!


EXTRA-DARK: With 60% cocoa, this is the “darker” side of our original blend.


RASPBERRY: A flirtatious blend of milk chocolate combined with a raspberry flavored filling.
The perfect combination between an exotic fruit taste and a rich chocolate sensation. Razzle Dazzle your guest with Raspberry!


DULCE DE LECHE: This wonderfully sweet, silky smooth treat consists of a milk chocolate shell
infused with a luscious, Dulce De Leche center. Simply DIVINE!


HAZELNUT: Your guests will go Nutty over this new flavor!
This amazing blend of nuts and chocolate will satisfy even the nuttiest of clients!


PEANUT BUTTER: The decadent combination of a smooth peanut butter filling surrounded by a custom
blended chocolate truffle will leave your guests reminiscing over an old chocolate favorite!


MINT: More than a hint of mint.... with this flavor you are sure to be teased by both extremes of your taste buds.
From the cool minty center to the rich chocolate shell your senses will be enlightened!


WHITE CHOCOLATE: Our newest flavor consists of a rich, creamy white chocolate center enrobed
in our original chocolate shell. Truly the best of both worlds!



(With 36 FABULOUS colors & 8 DECADENT flavors to chose from...have fun & get CREATIVE!)